3 Tips for Eating Healthy

As scientific research about the impact of food upon health continues to increase, the importance of a healthy diet is growing ever clearer. This is leading a growing number of people to search for simple ways that they can eat healthier. Some companies in the food business, including Hampton Creek, are taking note and putting out innovative products for people who are careful about what they eat. Looking for brands that are dedicated to healthy food is helpful for trips to the grocery store. Here are three other important tips for healthy eating.

1. Less Animal Products

Although animal products can be healthy in moderation, particularly milk and eggs, it is believed that most people eat too many of them. By cutting back on meat and other animal products, people can fit more plant foods in their diet, including vegetables and fruit. Some people may wish to go vegan and not eat any animal products at all. Either way, the nutrition they get from more frequently consuming plants will be beneficial.

2. Eat More Plants

When it comes to healthy foods, plants offer a lot of exceptional choices. Vegetables and fruit are packed with vitamins and other nutrients, while legumes have fiber and nuts provide healthy fats. Because of this, meals that are plant-based tend to be the healthiest. Replacing animal products and processed food with more fresh plant alternatives is one of the best ways to start building a healthy diet plan.

3. High Quality Substitutes

Now that food companies are providing more alternatives to traditional processed food and animal products, high quality substitutes are easier to find. For example, Hampton Creek shook up the condiment market by offering Just Mayo, a mayonnaise alternative that does not contain any eggs, making it a completely vegan option. They have also created Just Cookies, which are free of butter and any other animal products. Tofu is a popular alternative to meat and is widely used for this reason, and it can replace eggs as well.

By keeping these tips in mind, people will be well on their way to eating healthy and achieving their food goals. A healthy lifestyle may take a bit of work, but the result is worth it. Nutritious, natural food helps people to feel their best.