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Recording Studios: A Guide on How to Build One There is a certain magic to recording studios that takes even professionals to admire its mystery. It is amazing to see all the knobs and switches in the mixing table of a recording studio and anyone unfamiliar with these buttons will find the thing quite complex to use. Perhaps this is the ambition of most people involved in the music industry, to be able to make their own recording studio not only involved in pre-production but essentially where a whole music album can be created. Below are some of the considerations you need to make if you plan on making a recording studio be it small, or big, or a professional one. The questions to answer first is to determine if recording studio size is important. There are people who think that size is important but in reality it is not so. However, studio dimensions are very important. Echoes can fill up a very big room during recording. Tight and unnatural sounds can come from a room that is too small. Room size and room sound should correspond to the type of music you are recording. A small room is not ideal to music that uses many types of rock drums. It is still possible to achieve a big room sound in your recording even if it has not been recorded there by using external effects for simulation which can be added during post production. Be sure that the room that you will use will complement the type of music that you will be recording. You are mistaken to think that small rooms that product tight sounds is not good for recording. What is good for small tight rooms are vocals, guitar and percussion because they product tight clean sounds. If you have a large room, it has more air for sound to travel and it produces a bigger and more open sound. The best recording studio that you can create is one with the best equipment and labor. If you are to purchase the best equipment and hire the professionals you will need to spend a lot because these are really expensive. Eventually it will result in more savings if at the outset you get the right people for your recording studio. The best studio designers are there to help make your recording studio a good one.
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The focal point of the sound created in the studio are the studio engineers. To make sounds that are of good quality, you should include an experienced engineer in your recording stages. With his extra set of ears you can be sure that another dimension is added to your production.The Key Elements of Great Studios