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Releasing Your Geeky Side With Your Partner

Proud to be Geek

Releasing your geeky side is something to be proud of, especially when there are a lot of people out there who adores the same activity that you do. Accepting the geek inside your heart will make you a happier and cooler person. There are even popular TV shows that are proving how being geeky is already a hit, which are the following: Supergirl, Big Bang Theory, and Flash. Never hide the talents and hobbies that are worry to be noticed by the world. You should also be able to show who you are and what you like to do even with your partner’s presence. The best thing you should do is to find out the geeky side of your loved one, making both of you enjoy each other’s hobbies. You will enjoy every minute with your partner if you will be able to make him or her comfortable enough to make you see his or her geek side.

Attend Cool Conventions With Your Loved One

Within and outside your country, there are so many conventions that you and your partner can attend. You can even discover a lot of people who are avid fans of movies and cartoons who are more than willing to show off their beautiful costumes. Every convention is filled with so much creativity, especially when people will wear their favorite game, movie, or comic character. Attending these conventions will upgrade your dating experience with your partner. It is quite impossible that you will not see a single person who has the same hobbies as you do in a convention. If you want to see the maker of the movie you love, you can even catch them in these conventions. You do not want to miss a chance in making your partner love everything that you love. You can also choose conventions outside your city to make your date more exciting. Traveling with your partner the whole night is such a sweet moment for the both of you. You will love a person more when you will finally see his or her real interests, which you would want to try also.

Enjoy Together by Playing Online

Not all lovers have tried to play online games together, which can actually be a form of bonding. Being kid at heart can make both of you very happy, which is very good in a relationship. There are many online games these days which are based on your favorite movies or anime. You can even decide to have a bet in order for the game to be more fun. There are many games that will never make you are your partner bored. It is better to see the reactions of your partner live, which can be done if the both of you are just sitting right next to each other. Your home is a good place to bond. The both of you should still go out in order to have a variety of activities, making your relationship more exciting.