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What Defines Boutique Hotels? The first defining aspect of a boutique hotel is that it is intimately small in size. A lot of hotel experts agree that for a property to be considered a boutique hotel it should not have more than 100 rooms. 10 rooms is the minimum number of rooms to still be considered a boutique hotel instead of a B&B. The intimate size of a boutique hotel makes for a personal feeling and an exciting ambiance. Because of its smallness, boutique hotel guests feel relaxed in the surrounding atmosphere. Boutique hotels feel like an independent hotel, one-of-a-kind and unique in all its aspects. A boutique hotel can be owned by an independent entity or by an association of luxury hotels. Some boutique hotels are closely associated with larger hotels and carry their hotel label. Boutique hotels can also be annexes of bigger hotels. Boutique hotels which are simply annexes of a bigger hotel also feels like an independent hotel complete with its own reception desk, lobby and d?cor. The individual designs of boutique hotels is something of the modern and it has an original touch to it. When you check out boutique hotel decors you will notice the bold colors and the sleek materials used. If the hotel has outdated furnishing then you can be sure that you are not in a boutique hotel. An urban setting is where you will find most boutique hotels. In the city, the buzzy ambiance feels just right.
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Sometimes you can also find restored country villas converted to boutique hotels. Country inns or villas in some upscale towns have also been converted as boutique hotels.
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If you are a guest of a boutique hotel you will experience a kind of personal service that is very special. Boutique hotels have made it their mission to give exceptional five-star quality service to their hotel guests. With light-hearted and mildly rebellious room details and guest programs boutique hotels show their eccentricity and sense of humor. These attractive and endearing features of boutique hotels often surprise its guests and make for a most memorable stay. Boutique hotels sometimes come with tiger shaped fur rug before a fireplace, a vibration platform machine in the gym and your own temporary business cards. Boutique hotels can never be without their main focus which is food and beverage. These boutique hotels have great restaurants and bars that capture the tastes and pleasures of their guests and also the crowds in the whole city. One of the boasts of boutique hotels is that they have an in-house celebrity chef who whips up good food in an eatery located in the hotel lobby. They also have a stylish bar or lounge with a delectable cocktail menu.