A 10-Point Plan for Videos (Without Being Overwhelmed)

How to Select a Good Video Production Company Hiring a company to produce your business videos is not a small investment, but it will be well worth it if the product is impressive. However, the process of choosing can be a bit risky: you’re paying people up front for a job that hasn’t even started. That’s the reason you have to absolutely careful when picking a company. The following are helpful tips: 1. Go beyond the demo reel.
The Key Elements of Great Productions
Many companies have a demo reel on their homepage. This is typically a one-minute show of clips from old projects set against a catchy tune. The purpose is obviously to prove to people that they are an established company with so many clients. However, one thing you won’t see in a demo reel is how the individual projects really went. You want a video is more than just pretty. It must be effective in communicating your intended message. Explore deeper into their website and search for actual videos they produced for their clients. If you don’t find any, surely that’s a red flag.
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2. Watch their most recent videos. Sometimes, companies don’t upload their latest works on their websites. That’s because updating can take a long time, and that means refreshing videos is only done, say, every three or four months. However, you can take a look at their Facebook pages or video-sharing websites because that’s where the process is shorter and video sharing with clients is easier. Scan your prospect’s social media sites to have a look into their most recent works. This will paint a more accurate picture of your own video if you hire them, given their current equipment and staff. 3. Get a number of quotes from different companies. Collecting a number of estimates, instead of just one, will ensure that you have a fairly priced project. The bidding process could take a while with several vendors, but you will be glad for it, with prices varying wildly. And always weigh their price against the quality you see in their past videos. Then choose the company with the best value. 4. Get the best company you can afford. No matter how much you allot for this project, someone out there will take your business. If your budget is limited, there’s nothing wrong with hiring a hobbyist friend or a home-based freelancer trying to build a portfolio. But know that the quality you can get will equal that which a professional team can offer. If your budget is generous, on the other hand, take advantage of it You pay professionals more because they can also do more. As soon as you’ve listed a few prospects, submit an RFP and let them bid on your project. Or explore listed companies and call those that could be good candidates. Remember, all this work you have to do is for ensuring that you get your video as you envisioned it would be.