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Advice for Writing Fiction If you are trying to start out writing fiction it can be difficult creating a foundation of a story but once you have a direction it is amazing what you are able to do with fiction writing because you can create entirely new worlds that have their own natural laws and physics, maybe there is magic or it is in the future and that is the beauty of fiction writing because it is completely up to you. There are few things in this world that can be more fulfilling than writing your own fiction novel but it can also be extremely frustrating as well. It can really be brutal writing a fiction novel but here are some different kinds of tips that you can employ to help make it easier on you which is always a good thing because everyone knows it is hard to write anything when you are stressed so this will improve every aspect of your story. The first thing that you will need to do is gather different kinds of ideas. These ideas can be anything such as elves street racing down the future cities of the year 2413 or whatever you want but it is important not to stress yourself out if the ideas you are coming out seem disjointed or do not make a story because as long as you have ideas you are on the right track. Some of the different kinds of ideas could be things such as a conversation that your characters are having or a place you want your characters to go out and see, this may be like in the middle of the book or it may be something you do not use but it is good to come up with many of these ideas as this will help guide your story. If you are having a hard time coming up with ideas which is common and happens to everyone here is an amazing trick that you are able to try and this is simply writing out five or maybe ten words and then try to make a sentence out of those words or a paragraph using all ten words. The results may be surprising! The second thing you will need to do is create an outline as this will be the skeletal basis of your story. When using an outline there are many different benefits that you are able to use. When you have an outline you are able to see the different basic ideas of your story as well as the other small story arches that your characters may face during the story line the reason why you need to have this overview of the story is because if you just wing it and plow through the writing you will end with a lot of loose ends and it will be difficult to tie them all back up without an outline that organizes everything and that is the basics on writing a fiction novel.Why Writers Aren’t As Bad As You Think

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