A Slow Cooked Meal Is a Delicious One

These days, people are learning innovative ways to use slow cookers to prepare a variety of meals for their family. This method of cooking offers many more options than making mom’s pot roast dinner. The trick to properly cooking food in a slow cooker is learning how to use them to get the best results. Starting with simple recipes can assist cooks in gaining the skills they need to try more complex ones.

Though slow cookers are meant to operate safely without being monitored, it is important cooks are careful in the placement of their cooker. A slow cooker can grow fairly hot on the sides and should not be directly against a wall or any flammable materials. It is best to place the cooker on a level cooking area at least six inches from any other objects.

When cooking meats in a slow cooker, cooks will find a much richer flavor in the finished dish if they first brown their meat. Browning simply means lightly cooking the outside on a high heat to develop a delicious, crusty brown coating. This can help the meat to produce a rich and satisfying gravy to the finished recipe.

Placement of the ingredients and liquid in a slow cooker is crucial for the best results. Many recipes will list the order of ingredient placement. It is important the cooker is only 3/4 full and any liquids used in the recipe should only come up to half of the ingredient line. Since there is very little liquid evaporation in slow cooking, too much liquid can cause a poor outcome in the dish.

Once the ingredients have been put in and the lid is on, walk away. Some cooks tend to hover over the cooking process and periodically lift the lid to check the progress. While this may be acceptable in other forms of cooking, it can spell disaster for a slow cooker dish. Lifting the lid lowers the internal temperature, which can cause a longer cooking time.

Whether you are new to using a slow cooker or have used them many times, you can find more helpful tips by visiting goSlowCook.com. This site offers information on purchasing and using slow cookers so you can get the best results every time.