About Silver Bee Newborn Photography

The creative process can seem mysterious, but for Silver Bee Photography proprietor Hillarry, the choice to focus on newborns was the logical result of her love of fine detail. To her, a newborn’s tiny features are a work of art that should be captured in as natural of a way as possible. Her use of natural light and preference for taking nude baby pictures stems from this belief.

She, along with her associate photographers, also know that a newborn should look calm and innocent. Her experience in the field has shown her that not all babies start out radiating that feeling! Therefore, she’s good at calming crying kids and getting them into that photogenic calm state. As you can see in the pictures at www.silverbeephotography.com/about, they actually end up peacefully asleep by the time the final shots are taken.

Silver Bee Photography has been in business for 10 years, so they have plenty of experience photographing newborns. The owner has been specifically trained in how to safely pose newborns, so there is no need to worry about whether your infant is in good hands.

Each newborn photo shoot takes about three hours, but this isn’t done as a marathon session. Instead, there will be plenty of breaks for mothers to feed and cuddle their children. This ensures that the session is not grueling, but instead is fun for all involved.

Even though many people like to have nude baby photos as keepsakes, the studio knows that this is not a universal preference. Therefore, it offers plenty of photogenic props that can cover part or all of the body. For nude photos, poses are chosen that hide all of the sensitive areas while making it appear that they just happen to be covered. Either way, the end result is an effect that looks like it belongs on a greeting card. No one will mistake these professional photographs for snapshots!

Since Hillarry is usually booked months in advance, expectant mothers should schedule their photo shoots while they’re still in their third trimester. This will ensure that there is an opening at precisely the right time to capture a moment that would otherwise be lost forever.