All Inclusive Golf Holidays in Belek are Gaining in Popularity

If you love golf, you’re going to love traveling to Belek, a resort in Turkey that’s home to 16 golf courses. Join with friends in a good game of golf or introduce yourself to countless other golfers playing the game. There are usually 135,000 golfers who visit Belek to play golf on one of the sixteen golf courses available. Golfers from the UK can make convenient daily flights to the Antalya airport which is just 35 km from Belek. Spouses and families visit the resort and spend time in the four and five star hotels, while loved ones are golfing. They have access to beaches, pools, spas, fine dining in the many restaurants and on-sight golfing.

For those who fly into the Antalya airport to enjoy one of the all inclusive golf holidays in belek, they’ll find that the golf courses are strategically mapped out and some are downright difficult to maneuver. This type of holiday is not for someone who likes going ‘cheap’ but the company will work to give you the best price. It’s also the type of holiday for a golfer who doesn’t worry about spending money on an out-of-this-world golfing extravaganza. It’s for the adventurous, enthusiastic, energetic and avid golfer. If you feel that way about golfing, you’ll absolutely enjoy your stay in Belek, whether you choose the lowest priced holiday or the highest.

Many all inclusive golfers like to travel in groups and when they do that, they can receive what is known as a group booking discount where everyone enjoys significant savings. Many individuals book through the group booking. You’ll also find many people visiting Belek who are not golfers. They’re there for the fun of it all. Since everything is included in the all inclusive fare, golfers and tourists have no need for money.

While you’re on the website, fill out the form asking for more information on an all inclusive golf holiday. Stay in gorgeous Belek and have the time of your life. Golfers and non golfers alike can request more information, either by email, making a phone call or easily filling in the form on the website. FAQs are available for those with questions. You’re allowed to cancel your booking once it’s made, but you may incur a cancellation fee.