An Article About Hampton Creek on CNBC Highlights the Company’s No-Egg Stance

An upstart food producer that starts getting attention from big-name media is showing signs of considerable advancement in the industry. That certainly was the case when people saw an article about Hampton Creek on CNBC. The article explained that the company’s foods are made without eggs, even though those particular foods normally are made with that component. A sandwich spread that serves as an alternative to mayonnaise is an example. Cookie dough is another. Hampton Creek has even come out with a product called Just Scrambled that is crafted entirely from plant sources. No chickens and no eggs means that the company’s foods are suitable for vegan consumers as well as those who are allergic to eggs and people who want to cut back on their cholesterol intake.

It’s not so much that the company’s owners believe eggs don’t belong in mayonnaise or that nobody should eat eggs. It’s the cruelty aspect of factory farms that produce these eggs, along with the unsustainable environmental factors. Hens live their entire lives stuffed into dirty cages with too many other birds, never having the chance to walk around or see the light of day. The amount of land and water these agricultural factories use is problematic on an environmental level. As long as a delicious sandwich spread can be created without supporting this type of industry, why not do so? Consumers flocked to the product, which is called Just Mayo and is available in three flavors.

Some companies providing vegan foods find themselves in a niche market, only able to get the products into natural food stores. Hampton Creek’s innovations have resulted in its products being carried by some of the largest grocery chains and being signed to a contract with Compass Group. That was a major step forward, as Compass provides food service for workplace and institutional cafeterias all around the world. Hampton Creek can boast that they will now be the only supplier of salad dressings for Compass Group. That will introduce these salad dressings to a broad range of the population who will want to find those products in stores. Will vegan foods continue to become more mainstream? Only time will tell.