An Energizing Morning Matcha Smoothie in Place of Coffee

Someone who would like to stop drinking coffee but would miss the energy boost might try a morning beverage containing matcha green tea and other healthy components. Just a little extra time devoted to making a smoothie before starting the day’s activities can increase an individual’s stamina and add to the morning enjoyment. To buy matcha tea, view Kiss Me Organics for more details.

Matcha Green Tea Powder provides fuel for both physical and mental energy. This high-quality powder typically is added to foods and beverages instead of drinking it as a tea. The taste can be a bit strong for many individuals, especially those unaccustomed to the full flavor of green tea. Mixing it with other substances tends to be the best choice. That’s why including matcha with fruit in a breakfast smoothie is a delicious way to start the day and to get a better and longer-lasting burst of energy than is provided by coffee.

People can use any kind of fruit they like to make a smoothie with matcha. Bananas are always popular for smoothies, but a plethora of delightful choices are available. A blend of raspberries and strawberries can celebrate spring, while oranges and pineapple add a tropical flair. People can also add other healthy substances to fit their taste preferences and to create a favorable texture. Some examples include yogurt, soy milk or coconut milk.

As an authentic green tea, matcha contains caffeine. A person consumes the entire amount of matcha tea added to a smoothie instead of only consuming a relatively small amount of bagged or strained tea. That makes the amount of caffeine consumed a bit higher than in steeped black tea, but still less than a regular cup of coffee. Nevertheless, the energizing effects of matcha tea tend to be more even and last longer. Rather than a big spike in energy that might last only an hour or two, the energy level rises gradually and may last for several hours. Many people who rely on coffee for energizing effects find they have to drink it throughout the day, but that won’t be necessary with matcha.