Can a Startup Company Change Our View of Food?

For decades shoppers have confidently bought popular foods because they believed packaging that told them products were healthy and safe. However, Hampton Creek, a socially responsible food technology company, is challenging this traditional assumption. The business was created by two men who looked under the hood of current animal-based food sourcing and decided there must be a better way. That led to research and a food revolution.

Common Foods Are Not Always What they Seem

Joshua Tetrick and Josh Balk, the founders of Hampton Creek, quickly learned that millions of people are being harmed by their favorite foods. That is because thousands of products contain animal-based ingredients and some, like eggs, are sourced directly from animals. Unfortunately, the animal industry is cruel to livestock and many products are taken directly from filthy environments. The horrific conditions result in polluted water, hormone laced products and deforestation. The industry also requires tons of plant-based feed. With these problems in mind, Mr. Balk and Tetrick became convinced that plant-based alternatives to common products could benefit consumers, farmers and the earth. They began a quest to change the way the world looks at food.

The Project That Spawned an Industry

The young company quickly developed a plant-based, delicious egg substitute called Beyond Eggs. It was rigidly tested, to ensure that it could be used exactly the way genuine eggs are. As information from Hampton Creek reached the media, periodicals like VentureBeat and Newsweek began discussing the company’s mission, which attracted investors. Soon the growing business developed cholesterol free Just Mayo in three flavors. Their expert teams of chefs, scientists and tech experts helped create Just Cookie Dough and Just Cookies. They also created a huge database that is used to evaluate thousands of plants. Experts identify those that would make cash crops which would benefit farmers. It only took the young startup a few years to develop tasty, healthy alternatives to dessert mixes, noodles and even sugar. They plan to distribute over 40 new items by the end of 2016.

An eco friendly business called Hampton Creek is responsible for changing the food industry. The business is dedicated to finding and producing plant-based alternatives to animal-based products that are harmful to consumers, animals and the planet. They have successfully marketed several products and will soon introduce several dozen more.