Cheap Places to Visit in Australia

Seeing the world shouldn’t always strain your budget and to help you out, we’ve compiled a list of destinations in Australia! Cheap excursions are frequented by backpackers. They are far from the cities or main attractions but nevertheless can hold a candle against their counterparts. So yes, expect that the places listed here belong to the Off-the-Beaten path category.

Alice Springs – A desert with a calm attitude, that’s Alice Springs, also called the Alice or simply Alice. I’m sorry? What in tarnation did the people thought when naming this desert as Alice followed by a springs? Now don’t get your horse up. Let’s not judge the book by its cover. A short travel in the northern side of Alice Springs lies well, a spring to which its name originated. What to do here? You can run, climb dunes, visit the spring, or learn how to draw aboriginal art into the sands. While for most it’s a boring place, to those who are tired of the hustle-bustles of life, Alice Springs is just perfect!

Launceston – Launceston is a city in Tasmania’s northern part at the junction of North Esk and South Esk. Overall, it is a picturesque city that boasts a different kind of charm compared to other Australian cities. Launceston is loaded with various wilderness retreats nearby and vibrant history not to mention that it’s cheap!

Cairns – Ah, yes! Although it encompasses the same allure of Launceston, the most prominent thing travelers do here is to see the Great Barrier Reef! This regional city is located 860 mi (1,390km) from Brisbane. Aside from the famous World Wonder, backpackers stop by Cairns to take a dip at the pristine beaches of Far North Queensland.

Adelaide – The capital city of South Australia, it is a metropolis that has succeeded in mashing up the beauty of contemporary architecture and its verdant natural surroundings. Travelers go to this place to watch kangaroos in Adelaide Zoo, have a leisure walk to its botanical garden or go biking in Cleland Conservation Park.

Melbourne – Although starting to inch away from being cheap (accommodation average at $160+), this well-known city competes against travel epicenters in South America for its natural wonders, parks, architecture and loads of engaging activities! My personal favorite is riding a hot air balloon contemplating the vastness of Yarra Valley.