Check Out The Fortune Page on Hampton Creek Foods

Taking care of a family is about more than just putting a roof over their heads and clothes on their back. Everyone in a family needs to eat food that is good for them rather than food that just tastes good. It’s actually possible to get more out of food by replacing some of the most commonly used ingredients. Most of the food people buy in the grocery store does little more than meet the most basic nutrition requirements and contain unhealthy amounts of sugar, cholesterol, and sodium. Many manufacturers have started adjusting their recipes to reduce these ingredients but they rarely make a successful product. Instead of wasting time with old ingredients it’s time to start finding new ways of making old foods.

Finding plant-based replacements for common ingredients is something most people might not think about but it’s actually a great way make great tasting food healthier. Replacing oil in some cake recipes can significantly reduce cholesterol and even improve the taste. Other recipes such as cookie dough and mayonnaise can be replaced as well. According to the Fortune page on Hampton Creek there are companies working to compile a list of plants that can be used to replace ingredients such as eggs. This could open up possibilities for those with allergies, diet restrictions, or even those on a vegan diet. Products such as Just Mayo, Just Cookies, and Just Cookie Dough are just a few of the products now available at many different retailers.

Plant-based replacement ingredients make it possible for food to become more abundant by making ingredients cheaper and easier to produce. Growing ingredients rather than manufacturing them makes the food cheaper to create and therefore, more accessible to families on a budget. Those families will also have the benefit of knowing exactly what is in their food instead of having to decipher an ingredient list. There are new ingredients being discovered every day. Shoppers should watch out for new versions of their favorite foods with delicious, natural, and nutritious ingredients. These new ingredients can keep everyone in the family happy and healthy even when it comes to cake and cookies.