Dance Therapy Benefits the Body, Mind and Soul

Research consistently shows that the body, spirit and mind are all connected. With the help of dance therapy, individuals find they can boost their social, cognitive, emotional and physical integration. This type of therapy has numerous goals and has been in existence for more than five decades now. With the help of this treatment, individuals find they can overcome challenges they are facing in their lives, and parents find they can get their child back on the path to a productive and fulfilling life. What does dance therapy involve?

Dance therapy may involve the use of adaptive, communicative or expressive behaviors, as the core concept of this treatment is to move the body in different ways, both consciously and unconsciously. All movements of the body affect its overall functioning and the personality of the individual, thus a therapist is able to make use of non-verbal cues to determine what the person is thinking and feeling. In addition, the dancer learns more about him or herself and dance allows them to experiment with new things. The entire body is treated during the process and the dance style used may be adapted to the client.

Some therapists choose to make use of modern dance, emphasizing the elements of movement. Others prefer to use aerobic dance, line dancing or more current styles, yet some therapists revert to Turkish or ballroom dancing, the waltz, the tango and the foxtrot. This can be selected based on the needs of the person being treated. Regardless of which style is selected, the social interaction benefits the patient. Music helps to decrease anxiety of the person being treated while enhancing relaxation, and pain tends to decrease when an individual dances. The physical benefits of dance aid the patient also.

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