Eating Plant-Based Foods Is Crucial for Cancer Prevention

One of the biggest plagues affecting the health of people all over the world is cancer. According to the American Cancer Society, around 12.7 million people are diagnosed with cancer each year. Unfortunately, cancer results in around 7.6 million deaths each year. This is why it is crucial people do all they can to prevent cancer by eating a healthy diet and getting the exercise their bodies need. Healthy fruits and vegetables contain a wealth of beneficial ingredients that have been proven to help prevent cancer in the human body. For this reason, many people are adopting a plant-based vegetarian or vegan diet to help protect their health.

Plant-based foods contain bioactive substances, probiotics, and phytochemicals that can all work to keep the body from disease. Phytochemicals are found in almost every fruit and vegetable. Phytochemicals include carotenoids, organosulfur compounds, and phenolics. These phytochemicals are believed to work together to defend the body against carcinogens that may cause cancer.

Those who want to implement a healthier lifestyle are encouraged to research plant-based Hampton Creek foods. Hampton Creek is a food technology company that is working to create healthier food choices for those who want to eat a plant-based diet. Their research has allowed them to collect a huge database of information on thousands of plants that can be consumed. They have used this research to create a line of vegan foods that are simple in nature yet delicious to the palate.

Hampton Creek offers Just Mayo, which is made from a pea protein that comes from the Canadian Yellow Split-Pea. They were able to use this pea protein to properly emulsify the mayo for a creamy condiment. They have since developed a full line of foods that contain 43 different products. These should be released in the coming months and will include pancakes, dressings, dessert mixes, and brownies.

If you would like to adopt a healthier lifestyle, now is the time to check out the many products from Hampton Creek. They are presently working on around 500 new products that will include replacements for meat and cheese. Visit the Hampton Creek Facebook page or website for further information.