is One of Many Sources That Are Asking the Big Questions About Big Business in the Sustainable Food Market

Plant-based foods are growing in popularity thanks to the efforts of a passionate minority of enthusiasts. The rise of sustainable foods is intriguing because it is forcing food distributors to build relationships with new and innovative companies. The latest collaboration with Hampton creek and Compass Group is turning heads. It is shifting the tide even further, and bringing sustainable food options right at the four-foot point on the shelves of every aisle.

Hampton Creek is a food supplier for plant-based foods. They offer niche products, such as non-dairy mayonnaise and salad dressing. The company has distribution from Compass group- one of the world’s most acclaimed and largest providers. Compass group has an active working relationship with major distributors, such as U.S. Foods and Sysco. The relationship will pointedly put Hampton Creek food products in the hands of shoppers at major outlets across the nation. U.S. Foods and Sysco work in Whole Foods, Wal-Mart, Target, and other avenues.

The relationship is likely a major gamechanger for Hampton Creek. They were already making huge strides in the market. But, now they have a solid opportunity to really crack the mainstream. It is just one more step in bringing a plant-based diet to the largest markets.

The official Wikipedia page of Hampton Creek makes note of various steps the company has made in this area. It can be found at The official website can be found there (for reference, it is

Wikinut articles also explore sustainable foods. Importantly, this collaboration is an affirmative step to greater exposure for plant-based foods. A last significant reference point is It is a popular vegan blog resource that will cover many specifics in food and culture. Plants are sustainable. They can provide a lot of food for a large population, while requiring very few resources. The fact is that the population is too large (and the resources too strained) to fully provide for everyone in an effective manner. Too much is being wasted in the process of food production. Hampton creek began with mayo. But, it is more than that. The company is a leading arbiter for plant-based culture, and Compass Group has recognized this.