Enjoy Homemade Bread by Simply Pushing a Button

Bread is consumed with almost every meal. Whether you are enjoying a buttered slice of toast with breakfast, or a piece of crusty bread with an Italian dinner, bread is a staple. While most people simply buy bread from the store, everyone will agree that nothing tastes better than a slice of warm, homemade bread. In the past, bread was time consuming to bake at home. It involved a lot of kneading and waiting for dough to rise. Today, however, with the help of a Breadman bread maker, anyone can enjoy fresh bread, without taking all day to make it.

There are many benefits to using a bread maker at home. Most of these appliances are able to mix the ingredients themselves. All the baker has to do is add them to the machine. Once everything has been thoroughly mixed together, the machine will begin kneading the dough with the touch of a button. The hard work is left to the bread machine. When the dough has been kneaded to perfection and left to rise, the bread maker will then bake the loaf. Most machines are capable of baking 1-pound loaves, while some can handle larger 1.5-pound breads.

For those who have never baked before, many bread makers come with a basic recipe book, but remember that the sky is the limit when trying out new breads. The most popular types of bread baked in this appliance are simple white loaves. With a few more ingredients, a whole wheat loaf can be created. Other common flavors include sourdough, French bread and rye. However, these basic breads can be turned into much more. For example, a simple white loaf can have cinnamon and raisins added to create a dessert bread. Fruit loaves, such as banana bread, are quickly made in a bread machine.

A bread machine is the perfect appliance for anyone who craves a warm slice of homemade bread. Not only do fresh breads taste better, but they are a lot more economic as well. Just think about how much money one could save at the grocery store if they never had to buy packaged bread again. With just the flip of a switch, a fresh loaf of bread can be baking in your house.