Feel Better Fast – Drink Organic Herbal Teas That Detoxify Naturally

You’ve seen the beautiful patches of bright, yellow dandelions growing in yards and fields. If you have a sense of beauty, you have to admit that looking at this humble plant, growing freely as a wild flower, is beautiful. It’s the white fluffy seeds that blow in the wind that people think about as they’re cutting them down with the lawnmower. You may think of this flower a little differently when you realize how much it can do for the health of a human being. Have you ever heard of “dandelion wine?” It’s true, people make wine out of the flowers, and they also make a vegetable coffee out of a dandelion’s roots, and salad from the tender leaves.

If you’re going to go out and pick some of the leaves, do it in your own yard or somewhere you’re sure they haven’t been sprayed with an herbicide or pesticide. Any herbalist will tell you that this flower is used in kidney detoxification and dandelion tea that’s widely known for cleansing the liver and kidneys of toxins and impurities. Drinking the tea also aids in digestion and helps the body get rid of harmful acne-causing bacteria. This tea can be ordered online at Amazon.com for under $20. It’s used by people who want to help give their liver a pick-me-up and get rid of unhealthy toxins. For those who drink alcohol, the liver considers it a poison, and works overtime to detoxify the blood. Drinking this special tea aids this magnificent organ in it’s difficult task.

A dandelion has diuretic qualities, plus the tea marketed by the companies on Amazon.com advertise that it’s rich in iron, zinc, potassium, vitamins, A, B-Complex and vitamin C. As you can see, drinking a cup of dandelion tea can do a wealth of good for the body. Buying organic tea is becoming very popular since consumers don’t like the idea of drinking something that may have originally been sprayed with a poison. If a honey bee doesn’t want anything to do with pesticides or preservatives, consider that a warning that you should not, either.

You may notice that you’re developing a clearer, smoother complexion, and that you have a spring in your step because your body is being detoxified, and you have more energy. Your liver, kidneys, skin and digestive system will also thank you.