Finding The Perfect Meat Cleaver

Anyone who prepares and cooks meat will tell you that it is one of the most difficult ingredient to cut. Depending on the portion of meat, chefs usually need to slice their way through bone and cartilage to prepare it for cooking. This can be an incredibly difficult task with a normal knife. Luckily, most chefs utilize Meat Cleavers to effectively cut their meat. The sheer size and weight of these knives make them a great tool to have on hand. When looking for a meat cleaver chefs should look into how the knife is made to ensure that it’ll help them for many years to come.

The blade is the most important part of the cleaver. It’s important for chefs to choose a blade that is robust and strong in nature. A larger blade will allow chefs to make better cuts on meat and provide flexibility when chopping other materials. While meat cleavers are predominantly used to slice through meat, many chefs use them with vegetables as well. Their sharp blade is capable of cutting through any ingredient easily. Most cleavers are made with a soft steele to prevent breaking. Soft steele will successfully disperse energy throughout the blade when using a lot of force.

The weight of a cleaver should also be considered before buying. Cleavers can be anywhere from a few ounces up to a few pounds in weight. This can greatly affect the knife’s function. A lighter cleaver is more suited for cutting vegetables and softer ingredients. However, a heavy cleaver gives chefs the leverage they need to chop through tough bones. While a heavier cleaver can be more difficult to carry, it make chopping much easier.

The handle of a cleaver is also an important thing to consider. Beyond the aesthetics reasons, the handle plays an important role in the safety of the cleaver. It’s important for chefs to ensure that the handle is securely fastened to the blade so that it will last for many years. Chefs should also consider the size of their hand against the handle to ensure they’ll always have a tight grip.

A cleaver is an excellent tool for a chef to have in their arsenal. Their strength and sharpness helps chefs chop through anything they please. While they may seem menacing at first, chefs will surely benefit from using them.