Food Concerns Are Revealed in the Hampton Creek Article on Salem News

Food is more than a means of survival to most people in the United States. Eating has become a form of entertainment, a way to socialize with others and a hobby for foodies who are interested in discovering what is new and exciting in the culinary world. Underlying all that interest is plenty of concern, however. Many people are worried about the quality of the food they eat. Not just the actual taste and appearance, but how safe it may be and how sustainable the products are as well.

The Hampton Creek article on Salem News makes it easy to understand why people are worried. The cost of meat is rising, the amount of land required for farming animals is extensive and many animals are being injected with hormones and antibiotics that remain in the meat people are consuming. This leads to a number of questions about how healthy and environmentally sensible it is for Americans to continue with its consumption of animal products.

The organic movement that began a couple of decades ago has become mainstream. Using locally sourced, organic ingredients is a wonderful way for restaurants to lure in customers. People shop grocery stores and farmer’s markets by looking specifically for products that promise them a diet that is preservative and GMO-free. Yet, there are a growing number of consumers who fear that this is not enough.

This is why many have sought out vegetarian options and even vegan products. They do not just read labels, they research the companies and talk to the restaurant owners about the ingredients they use and where they come from. It is a concern that is based on staying healthy, but to also ensure that the planet is healthy as well.

Restaurant owners who are already providing their customers with healthy meals made from organic ingredients can benefit even further by expanding the products they use. By investing in ingredients and products made by unique food suppliers like Hampton Creek they are making it possible for their clientele to have more of what they seek. They can have exciting, delicious meals that are worry-free, sustainable and genuinely vegan. This type of option is something that will benefit the diners and the restaurants as well.