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How to Find a Good Pizza Restaurant It is said that 94% of Americans eat pizza on a regular basis. Wouldn’t your mouth water with each pizza party announcement in the office? When you were a kid, didn’t you rejoice when you saw pizza in the cafeteria? Let’s admit it. Pizza is tops. Problem is there are many bad pizza restaurants out there. The good news is there are still a few places that are truly worth your cravings. How can you tell one when you see one? There are ten factors that make a good pizza restaurant stand out. Once you know them, you can go try out various places and judge for yourself. They will serve as your criteria with every joint you experiment with.
Lessons Learned About Pizzas
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What else goes on top of this list but the pizza crust. Is it too thin or too thick? Is it too tough or too doughy? Does it taste sweet or a little bitter somehow? Do you see those bread bubbles which are just so good? Sauce Let’s get to the sauce. Do you find it too thin or too thick? How about the spices? Too much, too little or enough? Toppings Do they put enough toppings? Is everything fresh? Is there enough pineapple? The bacon’s got to be crispy. Cheese The cheese is, of course, very important. Of what quality is it, or is it the kind that evaporates when temperatures get too high? Is it too much that the whole pizza is soaked in grease? Or too little that you see almost all of the sauce and crust? Price Price matters but only because you want to know if you’re getting your full money’s worth. Does the quality and size of the pizza fit its price? Does the restaurant offer discounts? Sanitation Is the place clean? Are the floors greasy? Do you see bits of toppings and sauce on the walls? What would probably happen if a health inspector made a surprise visit? Service Are the workers warm and friendly? Do they say thanks as you’re leaving? Do they pay attention when you say you need something? Do they give you what you need before you even ask? Do they make suggestions on appropriate items? Ambiance Of course, it’s nice to dine in a restaurant with a good ambiance. Are the music and its volume suitable? Do they put a TV? What shows are on? How do you find the lighting? Too dark or too bright? Location Is the restaurant location’s convenient? Do they deliver? How much extra do you need to pay? Owner Finally, is the restaurant’s owner in the premises? Is he approachable? Does he thank customers for their business, and does he care to ask what their experience had been? Is he open to advice or criticism? There are good pizza restaurants where you don’t actually get to meet the owners, but it would be great if you could. So these are the pretty much what good pizza restaurants are made of.