Getting To Know Hawaii Volcanoes National Park

You’ll never be at a loss for things to do while you’re here on the Big Island. That’s because we have some of the most unique and diverse offering of attractions anywhere on the planet.

It’s common knowledge that we have some of the best beaches, food, and music in the world but did you also know Hawaii had one of the most active volcanoes in the world? It’s true and you can see it all at one of the world’s most unique natural parks, the Hawaii Volcanoes National Park.

What makes the park so unique? Well, one of the world’s most active volcanoes means lots and lots of lava. Currently Kilauea produces more than 200,000 cubic yards of lava every day. It’s been erupting since 1983 but no one knows how much longer it will keep at it–all the more reason to come and visit.

Not only do you get to see all of this lava in action but on some days it’s possible to watch the lava flow directly into the ocean and witness the continual growth of Hawaii.

But come for the lava and stay for all of the other attractions. Like traveling through the Thurston Lava Tube which is a 500-year old cave. Or visiting the steaming Halemaumau Crater which is considered the sacred home of the volcano goddess Pele.

And then finally, be sure to stop at the Thomas A. Jaggar Museum where you can learn more about the fascinating geological marvels that volcanoes are.

A visit to the Hawaii Volcanoes National Park is a stop no all-inclusive Hawaii vacation should be without. It’s a place where you can see breathtaking sights and take part in important aspects of Hawaiian history.