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Looking at the Best Times to Visit the Amazon in Peru Visiting the remarkable Amazon River must be part of anyone’s bucket list of places to go before they die. It is one of the very few remaining places in the world where you will feel that the Earth is still untouched. There are various tours and cruises to choose and every single one of them guarantees utmost fun and once-in-a-lifetime experiences in the Amazon. Obviously, the two main attractions in every tour will be the natural beauty of the entire river and the exotic wildlife living in it. Amazon in Peru Peru Amazon tours provide the best collection of tours, handing out total fun to tourists and visitors. Peru is located in the northwestern region of continent of South America. It is famous for its rich history and cultural, not to mention its remarkable landscape. Wondering why Peru is a great place to start a tour of the Amazon, that’s because almost 60% of the country’s national territory is made up of the rainforest.
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The general conditions of the Amazon River in Peru are classified into two. These are “high water season” from December to May and “low water season” from June to November. A tour or cruise to the Amazon in both seasons will give you breathtaking experiences and opportunities to see the best plant and animal life diversity that you will never find in any other place in the world. Weather is somewhat described as warm but there will be some rainfall. Yes, you should expect some rain even during the low water season. Quite surprisingly, the rainy season in this part of the Amazon means that there is only an increase of ten percent when compared to the low water season. So when you decide to go for a cruise regardless of the season, there will be rain. Nonetheless, the rain won’t stop you from seeing all the attractions you came for, including the diverse wildlife comprised of mostly reptiles, birds, and mammals. Highlights For the High Water Season The rainy season running from December through May provides breathtaking high water panorama. Aside from the stunning views, river cruise guests will be treated with an up close look at more plants, animals unique to the Amazon, birds, monkeys, turtles, and even caimans. Highlights for the Low Water Season The low water season coincides with the winter season in the Southern Hemisphere. It is considered as the warmer season in the Amazon. One of the best things about taking a tour during this season is that the famous and exciting jungle trails are accessible. There are also more chances of spotting migratory birds. Finally, there is some good amount of good fishing during this time of the year. With an Amazon cruise in Peru, you will expect to have tons of fun, and the place isn’t just about anacondas and piranhas.