hampton Creek Aims To Revolutionize The Food Industry

Hampton Creek is a food science company that was founded in 2011 by two friends, Josh Balk and current CEO Joshua Tetrick. They produce vegan food products using in-house substitutes for animal ingredients.

Both founders share an interest in improving the global food production system, particularly through replacing animal-derived food with plant-based ingredients. They are concerned that animal farming has too heavy an impact on the environment, costing too much in resources like water, soil, grain, and fossil fuels. In addition, egg farming pollutes both water and soil with its by-products.

Their initial effort, which has remained the core of the business, was to find a plant-based egg replacement. They tested many species of plant, cataloging a wealth of data about plants and their proteins. By examining the data, they were able to determine which molecules would make an ingredient that is very similar to eggs and capable of binding recipe ingredients.

The company’s first product was an egg substitute made from the Canadian Yellow Pea.

The company is known for its three main products, a vegan mayonnaise called Just Mayo, Just Cookies, and Just Cookie Dough. All the products are vegan and egg free. The company is expanding its product line with different flavor varieties of the mayonnaise and other baking mixes.

hampton Creek products are carried in stores across the country including Walmart, Target, Kroger, Costco, and Whole Foods Market. Recently the company’s image got a boost into the limelight when it was chosen by Compass Foods to replace their previous supplier of dressings and baking mixes. Compass Foods is one of the largest food suppliers in the U.S. and the association of the two companies is sure to increase both awareness and sales of Hampton Creek’s products.

The company has faced some criticism from the egg industry and from the parent company, Unilever, of Hellman’s mayonnaise, who have claimed that the name “Just Mayo” is false advertising for a product that does not actually contain eggs.

The founders plan to continue their food science research in the hopes of developing more healthy, low-impact substitutes for other ingredients in processed foods, such as sugar, trans fats, and MSG. By coming up with sustainable food production methods, they hope to make a positive difference around the globe.