Hampton Creek Foods as Part of an Easy Friday Night Dinner and Saturday Morning Breakfast

It’s been a long week at work. Friday night has arrived, and the tired individual just wants to go home and eat a dinner that doesn’t require a lot of work to make. That doesn’t mean a frozen entree or a boxed casserole, but perhaps a fresh salad with some dressing, an omelet and a few cookies for dessert. With a refrigerator containing Hampton Creek’s products, the person can enjoy a delicious meal that doesn’t contain any animal-based substances.

But how is that possible? An omelet without eggs? With Hampton Creek’s Just Scramble, it’s entirely possible to make an omelet with an egg substitute made from plants. The product pours out of a container as liquid, just as raw scrambled eggs do. It cooks up like eggs, tastes like the real deal and even has the right texture. All that’s necessary for an omelet is to add some chopped tomatoes, onions, mushrooms or any other veggies this person prefers. If he or she doesn’t eat dairy foods but likes cheese, soy-based vegan cheese can be grated and added as well.

Hampton Creek offers a line of salad dressings, including some that traditionally contain eggs or dairy. Since this company doesn’t include those substances in its products, consumers who avoid animal-based ingredients in food are happy buying these items. Just Thousand, for instance, is very similar to traditional Thousand Island, even though it doesn’t contain mayonnaise. The company also produces Just Mayo as an alternative to conventional egg-based mayonnaise. In fact, people who enjoy putting mayonnaise on salad will like using Just Mayo on their bowl of fresh veggies.

As for dessert, fresh baked cookies come from the oven after being made with refrigerated cookie dough from Hampton Creek. If this seems like too big of a chore after a long week at work, the dough can safely be eaten directly from the container since it doesn’t include any raw egg.

In the morning, Just Scramble can be cooked up and turned into egg salad with Just Mayo and some diced celery or onion for crunchiness. The weekend has begun with nutritious, healthy and delicious food.