Hampton Creek Foods – Tasty, Healthy And Affordable

The idea of what constitutes a healthy diet may have changed drastically over the years as consumers have become more health savvy, but taste and affordability have always been big issues. Fortunately it’s never been easier to enjoy a tasty, yet healthy and affordable diet. A San Francisco food company called hampton creek has developed a food line that is egg free, cholesterol free and free of any modified food ingredients, making it attractive not only to vegans but to a large variety of consumers. It is also understood that as less meat is consumed, the carbon footprint shrinks, therefore, plant-based protein foods offer a valuable contribution in reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Though Hampton Creek foods have something to offer all consumers, there is no denying that their plant-based protein foods are a boon for vegans and the health conscious eaters looking to enjoy a variety of foods. Their Just Mayo boasts original mayonnaise flavor plus three distinct additional flavors: Chipotle, Garlic, and Sriracha. The mayonnaise can be used as both a sandwich spread or a dip.

Just because the diet is healthy doesn’t mean that it can’t be fun once in a while. Hampton Creek offers ready-made cookies and cookie dough. The products are made with only plant-based proteins. No eggs are used, so the cookie dough can be baked into cookies or eaten by the spoonful for a real treat! Sweetened with sorghum, instead of sugar, Hampton Creek proves that eating well can be delicious and nutritious. Also available are many salad dressings, crackers and biscuits, and various baking mixes, all healthy, enjoyable and affordable, allowing everyone the opportunity to follow a healthy diet.

As consumers give more attention to the foods they eat, and become more aware how their food choices affect their body and their planet, interest in healthful foods and nutrition will continue to grow not only in the United States but abroad, as well. Aside from availability in major retailers, Hampton Creeks foods are also served in many public schools, universities, sports stadiums and hospitals. By replacing conventional food products with plant-based products, Hampton Creek hopes to improve the nutrition of their consumers world-wide all while doing their part to keep the planet healthy, too.