Hampton Creek Foods: What’s the Point of Egg-Free Eggs?

Many consumers are familiar with Hampton Creek’s egg-free sandwich spread Just Mayo, and may be interested to learn that the company plans to debut a plant-based egg substitute this year that can be used for omelets and other egg-based meals, snacks and appetizers. A lot of people may wonder what the point of this venture is. There already are no-yolk egg products for people who want to cut back on cholesterol intake, and tofu scramble has long served as an alternative to scrambled eggs. However, when it comes to Hampton Creek foods, the owner and other influential parties want to create items that the general public wants to eat. They want their company producing food that tastes even better than the original. They also want those foods to be affordable, as high-priced items in natural food stores are problematic for many consumers who might otherwise choose those products.

The success of Just Mayo has shown that this product isn’t only for people allergic to eggs and those who eschew eggs on principle. But that still doesn’t explain the point of egg-free eggs when it comes to the general population. Hampton Creek wants people to understand the environmental issues associated with the agriculture industry and factory farms. For instance, facilities that house enormous numbers of chickens also emit a substantial amount of greenhouse gases associated with air pollution and global warming. Egg production on this type of scale also requires a great deal of water. In contrast, when making egg substitutes from plant-based ingredients such as yellow pea protein, the impact on the environment is much less.

Even people who want to continue eating eggs may find that buying egg-free commercial products can be a good substitute for the factory-farmed eggs. For breakfast, they may want to choose eggs from local farmers who let their hens roam around a building, a small fenced-in area or even the barnyard. All those options are kinder to the birds than forcing them to live out their lives in overcrowded cages. For processed food, these individuals can choose Just Mayo and other items that traditionally contained eggs but can now be found without that component.