Hampton Creek Gains Attention by Offering Genuine Nutrition in Unexpected Places

Hampton creek is not just another food corporation that wants to rake in massive profits in any way possible. It is actually a company that was established to counteract the damaging methods of many other businesses in the food industry. They are operating under the belief that people want healthier food they can get through natural, sustainable methods.

Much of their focus has been to remove all artificial ingredients from their food. People should want to fill their bodies with products that make them healthier, stronger and feel better. This is why they do not use chemical-based dyes and preservatives. In fact, they have changed the recipes for many common foods entirely.

To accomplish this, they spend their time seeking new ways to use basic, easy-to-grow foods. They incorporate plant-based foods, some common and others more unique, into recipes that people would not expect them to be in. This includes cookie mixes and cakes, among many other creations. They are currently working on indexing plants from around the world and investigating each to learn what they may be useful for in the future.

It is this type of investigation that gave them the ability to make their vegan mayo. This product shook up the marketplace by removing the standard eggs in mayo and replacing them with beans. It was this product that helped them to get noticed and has encouraged many shoppers to give them a try, and many retailers to increase their shelf space in grocery stores around the country.

Hampton is for people who want to eat right and feed their bodies properly. They are the company that feels that food should be coming from farms, not laboratories. Their products are for anyone who knows that food is nutrition and fuel, but that it should still taste good and be enjoyable to prepare and to eat. They are a company that is taking everything back to the basics, but still keeping it fresh and modern.

Today the company offers just a handful of products, but more are set to be released and even more are in the process of being perfected. New and unique does not have to mean processed and unnatural. Come and discover how fresh and healthy it really can be.