Hampton Creek Impresses with Its Vegan-Focused Drive and Innovation

A delicious mayonnaise substitute had been a dream for a long time for many vegans, and it took quite a bit in the way of hard work and ingenuity to realize it. In the end, it was an egg substitute based on a carefully bred variety of Canadian yellow pea that made all the difference, with a number of other advancements supporting this breakthrough in the final recipe. The resulting “Just Mayo” product turned out to be a revelation, and not just for the vegans it was most targeted at. In fact, even many of those who do not regularly restrict their diets in any particular ways have since become converts, extolling the deliciousness of the entirely vegan-friendly product.

Since then, the maker of Just Mayo has gone on to do plenty of other interesting things. First up were a number of refinements and enhancements of the flagship product, a program that resulted, for example, in variations flavored with garlic, chipotle, or a well-loved pepper sauce of Thai origin. With a growing fan base to cater to, the company could have rested on its laurels and stuck with mayonnaise substitutes for a while, but hampton creek instead decided to branch out.

Rather than tackling something less challenging, though, it opted for another longtime sticking point among vegans. While certain kinds of baking lend themselves to the restrictions that a vegan diet entails, those that depend heavily on butter or eggs have previously tended to be off limits. Just as it did earlier on, though, the creator of Just Mayo found a way to deliver cookies that soon became every bit as much of a hit, an achievement that sent real waves of appreciation throughout the vegan world.

Building on that momentum, the next product to hit the markets was a fresh, refrigerated cookie dough, much like those so full of animal products that are already on the shelves. Once again, buyers were extremely enthusiastic about the new offerings, and not all of the appreciation came from dedicated vegans, either. With a slew of new salad dressings already out and other items to come in the near future, just about everyone now has an interest in the company’s doings.