Hampton Creek: Not Just Another Vegan Food Company

In the last few decades medical science and the media have highlighted the problems with animal-based diets. As a result, millions of people began embracing vegan diets and dozens of businesses introduced plant-based foods. In 2011 a food technology company called hampton Creek took the process one step further. Started by two friends, the business is focused on developing affordable, good tasting plant-based foods that can feed the world.

The Story Began With the Egg

The first product that Hampton Creek designed was an egg substitute. Called Beyond Eggs, it is created using a yellow pea protein and is a healthy, non-animal based product. Unlike many vegan protein substitutes, their product acts and tastes like eggs. Beyond Eggs can also be updated just like software. Developers have the ability to constantly introduce new versions as improvements are discovered. For example, version 2.0 of the original product might cost less and last longer.

Food Science Is Leading to New Products

Hampton Creek’s goal is to develop as many affordable, delicious plant-based foods as possible. Company founders want to go far beyond the vegan label. Their goal is to create affordable foods that consumers like. The health benefits will be automatic. In order to forward that goal, the business has hired tech experts, chefs, and scientists. Teams have developed Just Mayo, a mayonnaise substitute that uses Beyond Eggs instead of chicken eggs. Their line also includes Just Cookie Dough and Just Cookies, two tasty, healthy snacks.

Research Is Designed to Feed the World

The Hampton Creek team has created a huge database that analyzes data about plants from all over the world. The information is being used to identify sustainable crops that farmers can profit from while providing enough healthy food sources to feed everyone in the world. Researchers look for cash crops that can replace the traditional soy and corn.

Food technology company Hampton Creek is helping people around the world switch from animal-based to plant-based diets. The business has already combined science, technology and food preparation knowledge to create several healthy products. It continues to research plants that offer the most benefits to farmers, the world population and the planet.