Hampton Creek Sandwich Spread, Salad Dressings and Cookies Help Make a Vegan Dinner Party a Success

A dinner party arranged by a vegan couple could include the latest products by Hampton Creek to help make everything delicious, even for the meat eaters who attend. It can be tough to make carnivores happy with a dinner that doesn’t contain any animal products at all, especially when some of these individuals haven’t made any attempt to broaden their dining horizons. Including items such as Just Mayo and a variety of salad dressings for dip, Just Scramble for a tasty egg substitute, and chocolate chip cookies made with Just Cookie Dough will help get these carnivorous guests feeling more agreeable about the entire meal.

This party might feature a no-egg frittata as a main course along with veggie shish kabobs. Just Scramble constitutes the egg portion of the frittata; the cook adds veggies such as tomatoes, asparagus, mushrooms and bell peppers. Some non-dairy cheese made from soy or almonds could be included. Perhaps half of the frittata could include a meat alternative such as veggie crumbles or sliced veggie sausage. People who’ve never tried Just Scramble will be impressed, especially if they were a little concerned it would taste like tofu. Not everyone is a big fan of tofu.

Before the main meal, the guests might like to munch on appetizers such as bread sticks, chopped broccoli and baby carrots, along with dip made from Just Mayo and Just Ranch dressing with a bit of Just Sweet Mustard dressing. Onion dip is a popular option too. Fresh chopped green onions or dried onions can be mixed up with the Hampton Creek mayo spread, and a bit of garlic added as well. After dinner, a platter of freshly baked cookies set in the middle of the table will be appreciated. In fact, the dinner organizers might like to give every guest a spoonful of raw cookie dough as a treat. Most people shy away from eating raw dough now because they worry about raw eggs; eating this sweet substance has become a far-off memory. The chance to chow down on some delightful chocolate chip dough will be enough to sway anyone in the direction of vegan dessert.