Hampton Creek: Their Mission in Food Development

Hampton Creek is a unique food company because it is not basing its business on a specific recipe or line of products, but on a theme with the foods it produces. In everything it creates, the company seeks a way to do so by using plants. Their initial product, a vegan mayonnaise, was popular as soon as it hit store shelves. The brand is gaining more fans as it works to eliminate sugar, chemicals additives and dyes from numerous products.

In addition to healthier products, it maintains the goal of producing food that will impact the environment less. This has been their mission with their vegetable-based egg substitute, their cookie recipes and their most recent excursion into salad dressings.

The process is not a simple one, but it is something the company has been working to develop into a system that will make it easier to brainstorm new ideas. By indexing the plant species in the world, they are able to get a chart of the properties of each plant. With this information they can determine what it will be like when paired with other ingredients. It is how they were able to determine that a specific species of yellow pea could be used to create mayo, rather than eggs.

The food products it produces are not just made to appeal to vegans. It is for everyone, including those that require gluten-free recipes and foods that are safe for individuals with allergies. Today they are developing mustard, ketchup and other dressings that will meet their high standards. They are also looking into other bread and cake mixes that can be added alongside their cookie line.

It is not a simple or fast process, but one that has taken time and effort to accomplish. The company is envisioning an endless amount of benefits possible by making this innovate method the traditional one rather than the exception in the food industry. The products are not hidden away at specialty shops or sold only from elite distributors, but are being manufactured and sold to retailers all over the U.S. They are interested in offering food that is not just delicious and healthy, but accessible, affordable and fun as well.