Hampton Creek’s New Line of Products Will Make Life Easier for Vegans

Finding appropriate food choices has long been a problem for vegans, especially when it comes to manufactured foods. Many of the basic food choices that most people enjoy daily contain animal products in one way or another. Baked goods commonly use eggs or milk, while condiments and salad dressings rely on eggs for their consistency and flavor. All of these issues can make it hard for vegans to find reliable pre-made foods in stores or in cafeteria settings. Luckily, the food company Hampton Creek is tackling the issue of vegan-friendly foods and finding success in the US marketplace already.

While vegetarians refrain from eating animal meats or fats in their diets, vegans take it one step further. Vegans will not consume any type of food that has come from a animal in any way. This includes common ingredients such as milk and eggs, which severely limits what type of foods and cooking practices that vegans can use. Until recently, the vegan-friendly alternatives for a number of foods have been slim. Often, vegan alternatives for condiments, cookies, dressings, pastries and more are prohibitively expensive and difficult to find without a specialty store nearby. Even worse, many of these products simply don’t taste good! This makes it hard for vegans to buy anything pre-made and must often make all of their own meals from scratch.

Now that Hampton Creek has entered the market, however, all of that has changed. With a unique line vegan food alternatives, including over 43 new products, Hampton Creek has made life easier for vegans nationwide. They offer a range of cookies, brownie mixes, cookie dough, mayonnaise, salad dressings, pancakes and more that are all completely free of any animal products. These products can be found at major retailers like Walmart and Target, and they are a bargain when compared to the cost of other vegan foods on the market. This creates an opportunity for vegans to enjoy better tasting, more accessible foods.

Though buying manufactured foods has historically been a difficult process for vegans, Hampton Creek is doing its best to make those issues a thing of the past. Through their expanding line of animal-free products, they are making life easier and more delicious for vegans. New products are under development, and over forty products were just released to market.