Healthy Food Options Are Increasing Quickly

More and more people are trying to eat healthier, exercise more, and make permanent lifestyle changes. The drastic rise in obesity, food allergies, heart disease, and cancers have served as a warning to the masses. The general public is also realizing that small changes, made over time, can make a big difference in their overall health and well being. They do not have to stop eating everything they enjoy, they just have to cut down on some things, and seek out healthier alternatives when possible.

That is becoming easier to do since healthy food options are increasing quickly. New products are being released faster than ever before. Independent companies have lead the industry in healthy foods that utilize plant-based ingredients. The technological advances in food processing have improved the taste of healthy foods, and made them more cost-effective. That means the average family, as well as low income households, can select healthier alternatives on a regular basis. It also means items are available in more grocery, bargain, and department stores.

Small independent companies, such as the Tofurky Company, Follow Your Heart, and Hampton Creek, are developing more flavors and products to fill the demand for plant-based healthier foods. The Tofurky Company originally offered an alternative to turkey. It now offers alternatives to several other meat products. One product, Just Mayo, was released by Hampton Creek as an egg-less substitute for mayonnaise. The popularity of that item lead to more flavors being offered in the product line. The success of Just Ranch, another example, lead to six other salad dressings being released. Customers can find more news about Hampton Creek’s products, and those from other independent companies, on company websites, social media pages, and food and business magazines.

More products are due for release in the near future, and others are in various stages of development. Plant-based cheese alternatives, drinks, pancakes, dessert mixes, breakfast patties, and pastas are either on shelves now, or will be by the end of the year. Shoppers should pay close attention to new products, and read labels to find healthier foods to replace traditional ones. Replacing one or two products is a great way to start. Continuing the practice and adding more alternatives can make a big difference in overall health.