How Can You Prepare the Best Cup of Matcha Green Tea?

Those who have heard about the many benefits of drinking green tea are often surprised to learn Matcha offers even more. This tea helps to protect the health of the body by shielding the cells from the attacking free radicals. Free radicals cause cancer, aging concerns, heart disease and a host of other ailments in the body. When people drink this special tea, they know they are doing something good for their body that will help them to be healthier and stronger.

Though Matcha green tea powder mixes in perfectly with most any liquid, many people are not fully aware of how to make the tea so it tastes delicious. The key to getting a frothy, smooth cup of tea is to use a special matcha green tea powder whisk. These small Japanese whisks are perfect for making a single cup of Matcha. With the unique construction of the whisk, the tea powder is able to be effectively dissolved within a couple of minutes of powerful whisking.

To make a cup of Matcha, a person will need two tablespoons of Matcha green tea powder along with two ounces of water. The water should be warm but should not be hot since hot water can destroy the antioxidants and other vital nutrients found in the tea. The water and tea should be carefully whisked until a thick paste is formed. Those adding milk can then add it to the cup. If preferred, a person can simply add a small amount of water to thin the mixture down so it is drinkable.

When making Matcha, it is important to note the tea will be thicker than most people are used to. The rich, robust flavor of the Matcha is naturally sweet, though honey, agave, and even sugar may be added to further sweeten it.

Try making a cup of Matcha green tea and use specialized tools to make the process much easier. With a delicious cup of Matcha, a person can start or end their day the right way, by flooding their body with the nutrients it needs to fight against attacks on the cells.