How Japanese Green Tea Can Help You Reach Your Weight Loss Goals

When you want to get healthy and lose weight, a big part of your success or failure is your diet. That doesn’t mean you have to cut out all the foods you love or cut your calories to an extreme level! It just means that the food you use to fuel your body is even more important than how active you are. If you have sluggish metabolism or you don’t eat quite as well as you’d like, you may want to start and end your day with a green tea smoothie or latte.

Green tea has long been known for its weight loss and health benefits. It has high levels of antioxidants—chemicals that fight the presence of free radicals in your body. These free radicals can cause disease, water retention, weight gain, and many other health problems.

The effect green tea has on your metabolism is one of the first benefits you’ll notice when you add green tea to your daily routine. Japanese green teas boost your thermogenesis rate by as much as 33%, making the most of every step you take, every rep you do, and every yoga pose you hold for an extra few seconds.

Of course, green tea is great on its own. You can prepare it with tea bags or loose leaves. However, you have to throw the leaf out when you use bagged or loose leaf tea, which means you can lose a lot of the nutrients that make this tea so powerful.

You can get all the advantages of green tea leaves when you use powdered matcha. Organic Matcha Green Tea Powder is made from ground up tea leaves, allowing you to consume every part of the leaf.

Green tea powder is very versatile, so you can use it in a variety of ways and avoid getting bored. Brew it with hot water for a morning beverage, blend it into your smoothie, or use it for baking. You definitely get more bang for your buck, since matcha powder has 137 times more antioxidants than brewed green tea.

If your weight loss has plateaued or you’re just getting started on your journey, green tea is something you need in your daily routine.