How One Company is Changing the Food Industry

There was a time when food manufacturing took place in enormous kitchens that were filled with skilled chefs and bakers. These dedicated people made certain all their products were made to a specific standard and used only the best ingredients. Unfortunately, quantity and profit became the priority and suddenly food really did become manufactured, rather than cooked or baked.

Over the next few decades the products these companies made began to contain fewer real ingredients and more processed items. Sugar was replaced with a cheaper, less natural product, chemicals were added to make food look real and by-products and more chemicals were used in place of genuine spices and ingredients. Research has made it obvious that these advancements may have boosted corporate profits, but they are destroying the health of the average consumer. They are not helping the environment much either.

This is why HamptonCreek decided to make a change. Not only did they want to bring back food made with safe, high-quality organic ingredients, they wanted to take it a step further. In addition to helping their own customers eat healthier, they wanted to make certain the products they were able to create, were done so in a way that left the earth a little better off as well.

This is why their focus has been on creating sustainable, vegan products that everyone will enjoy. Through their work they are expanding the definition of what “vegan” foods can actually be, and performing research that could one day change how the world eats. Their efforts to catalog worldwide vegetation and research how it can be used, is making it possible to remove chemicals, fillers and animal-based ingredients and still have a finished product the general public can love.

They may still be performing much of their work in a laboratory rather than only a kitchen, but the result has been healthy, natural products that are surprising many people and earning them many fans. Despite titles like “Just Mayo” and “Just Cookie Dough”, those who know the story behind these brands appreciate how they are much more than “just” an average food product. This is the return to the natural foods of the past, but with a slightly modern twist.