How the Healthy Hampton Creek Food Products are Changing the Food Industry

For several decades society has believed that the only affordable food options are those made with artificial ingredients, genetically altered meats, and trans fat. These man-made shortcuts created larger amounts of finished product which enabled a lower production price. This practice has been pushed on society by the food industry as the standard and most affordable option to purchase for decades. This should no longer be a firm belief. There are several companies across the United States who are striving to bring tasty, healthy food products to restaurants and grocery stores. Along with a growing organic food movement, companies like Hampton Creek are introducing healthier; unique takes on classic foods.

It’s hard to imagine eating a mayonnaise spread that does not use any form of dairy in its production. The same can be said for a plate of scrambled eggs that didn’t originate from a chicken. Most people would wonder how this is even possible. These foods are part of a new plant-based ingredient push found in Hampton Creek food products. The company is establishing itself in the fast-paced packaged food industry with these distinctive vegan products. Even consumers who aren’t technically vegans or vegetarians are discovering how healthy and tasty these alternative foods are. Since all of their products replace the common dairy ingredients with plant proteins, the food is not only better for consumers trying to maintain their weight; it helps those with allergies enjoy edible treats that they normally can’t have. This primarily applies to individuals who have problems with dairy products. These consumers no longer have to ingest medications or stick to lactose intolerant items. They can easily enjoy classic meals and snacks by utilizing the company’s Just Cookie Dough or Just Mayo products without worrying about feeling sick afterwards.

Not only is Hampton Creek creating healthier products, but it is also striving to make everything more affordable. By removing the expenses associated with raising egg producing chickens or milk producing cows, the company has developed an extremely cost-effective way to bring down their production prices. These savings are then passed along to the consumer. Restaurants are also taking note of this since it helps cut condiment expenses, which in turn boosts profits. With society’s rising concern over food industry practices as well as obesity and carcinogens, these reasonably priced products are providing a new way for everyone to take better care of themselves.