How to Choose the Best Colander

Whether you need a new colander to keep your berries fresh or strain your pasta, you can make the most of your money and space by purchasing a high-quality stainless steel utensil. Stainless steel is a popular material in the kitchen because it is durable, attractive and functional. Your stainless steel utensils can go right in the dishwasher with the rest of your dishes to make washing them a breeze.

If you’ve ever used a plastic colander, you know how difficult they can be to keep clean. Tiny pieces of berries or strands of pasta can get stuck in the plastic holes. Plastic kitchen utensils are also not very useful when you are working with hot food. While a plastic colander may be fine for rinsing lettuce, straining hot pasta can be quite problematic.

Instead of wasting your money on plastic colanders, purchase a stainless steel colander for your kitchen. It will blend in well with your appliances and will last for many years. While plastic utensils need to be replaced frequently, a high-quality stainless steel utensil can give you years of carefree use.

As you shop for a new colander, you may find that there are many varieties available. You’ll find colanders will large holes and small holes as well as a range in the number of holes in the utensil. Some of the best colanders on the market have a large number of small holes in a deep bowl. The shape allows cooks to dump their fruits, vegetables or pasta into the bowl without them falling out. The more tiny holes there are in the colander, the faster the water will drain through, making the time spent at the sink shorter.

A good colander makes an excellent gift for a young person who has recently moved into their first apartment or a married couple as a wedding gift. Everyone needs a colander but not everyone takes the time to choose the best one for their home. By helping people out and buying one for them, you can save them the trouble of searching for a very necessary kitchen utensil.