How to Purchase and Use a Meat Cleaver

Using a meat cleaver takes practice, even for the most experienced of chefs. It is one of the sharpest types of kitchen blades you can use. If you are not wise in using it, you could be injured. The proper use of a meat cleaver involves tucking your fingers under and keeping your knuckles next to the blade. This helps to prevent you from doing damage to your fingers as you chop. It is also important you use a good quality blade that is made with safety precautions.

The handle should be a no grip handle or one that at least fits easily in your hand. The grip should be comfortable and should not easily slip. To make sure your cleaver will be durable, you need to purchase a blade with a full metal handle or a strong wood one. Plastic handles tend to crack and break easily, so you will likely end up needing a replacement after a few months of use.

Weight is important in meat cleavers and should be purchased based on what you will plan on using it for. For chopping up meats and bones, you will need a heavy duty cleaver. One that weighs around two pounds should be perfect for chopping chicken and a variety of beef cuts.

If you plan on using your cleaver for primarily cutting vegetables, you may be able to go with a lighter weight blade. This will allow you to move easily through your vegetables, without lag.

Carbon steel is the best material to purchase for meat cleavers, as they can be sharpened easily. This allows you to have a precise cutting edge each time you use it. It is important you keep your blade nice and sharp and keep it protected from rust. If your blade does begin to rust, a steel wool pad can easily combat it.

If you are searching for a butcher cleaver, these tips can help. As you shop, make sure you read up on reviews, so you can find the best cleaver to meet your needs. This will ensure you are able to have a lasting cleaver that will provide you with years of service.