It can happen in a matter of days. A local news report suggests the potential for a hurricane. The hurricane grows and more news outlets are picking it up. In a day or two, the storm is capturing the nation by storm and individuals are being forced to evacuate. This potential is staggering and incredibly frightening, and it is something that is very possible in just about any area of the world. It is not just hurricanes, but tornadoes, tsunamis, etc.

There are strategies one can deploy to prepare for the onset of a natural disaster. Canned goods and dry foods are practical, but not the best possible option. They are a bit cumbersome, and they have expiration dates despite them being far longer than many other food types.

A nice bin can store a lot of freeze dried survival food. This option has a 25 year shelf life. This is far more substantial than the one to two years present with many canned items. All one has to buy is buy it once and store it. They are smaller and more confined than the bulkier canned and dry food products. This is a far superior option in sheer size. They are also not limited in total nutrients, containing some significant complex carbohydrates and other valuable nutrients. In the aftermath of a major storm, these freeze dried packages may be the only viable option.

In a forced evacuation scenario, it may be incredibly important to take food along the way. The storage containers for these packages will be lightweight and mobile-friendly. There is no worrying about grabbing large cans that are extremely heavy.

After a string of high profile and shocking natural disasters in the last half a decade, more people are becoming aware of the possibilities and the chances of this occurring. Freeze dried food is the only lucrative option long term. They taste great, they are healthy, and they have phenomenal storage capacity. It is the best survival food option and is the answer to the big three of survival- food, water, and shelter.

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