Importance of Hiring a Lawyer for Your Slip and Fall Accident Claim

If you have sustained injuries from a slip and fall accident, you may have a legal cause of action against the owner of the property in which you were hurt. However, proving the defendants’ fault is barely a straight forward affair in almost all slip and fall cases .The defendant’s insurer will often be adamant in acknowledging liability to an unrepresented person, which makes it imperative to hire a lawyer. A lawyer will greatly enhance your chances of winning the case, since they will be able to recognize the various factors that will affect liability and damages, and use this knowledge in getting you a favorable outcome. Besides, if your slip and fall injuries are significant, it will be extremely likely that the opposing party will have a lawyer representing them, and it will be very unlikely for you to be able to negotiate a reasonable settlement, or even win a lawsuit against a lawyer on your own. Here are more reasons why you will want to have legal representation for your lawsuit.

Proving liability

Just like any other personal injury litigation, Winning a slip and fall injury case will boil down to the ability to prove liability and damages. You must generally be able to show that you sustained injuries as a result of the dangerous conditions created by the owner of the property, while also showing that the defendant knew, or ought to have known about those conditions. It is therefore essential that you get the assistance of someone having the requisite knowledge that will enable you to show that the defendant was negligent, and that you sustained injuries as a direct consequence of that negligence.

Negotiating a fair settlement

A slip and fall injury lawyer will have a competent understanding of your entitlements, as well as the ability to gather evidence, speak with the witnesses, hire expert witnesses, research similar cases and assess the value of your case, which will enable them to negotiate a fair settlement for your injuries.

If you have sustained significant injuries as a result of a slip and fall accident, having an experienced slip and fall accident attorney on your side will be of paramount importance. Contact Grossman Attorneys at Law, their area of practice includes injury law and insurance disputes. For detailed information, Visit Boca Raton’s Meltzer and Taylor on premise liability laws.