Important Things to Know When Choosing Matcha Green Tea

After a person learns about the health benefits of a certain tea powder, he or she may wonder where to get matcha green tea. The next thing that happens is running across a large number of online sources, and then wondering which of these products are best and which companies are reputable. An effective strategy for making a purchasing decision would be to choose organic products from well-known U.S. manufacturers. Organic substances don’t contain harmful pesticide or herbicide residues. Buying from U.S. companies allows the consumer to do online research about the organization first, thus ensuring a certain level of quality.

Matcha green tea from an organization such as Kiss Me Organics fits these parameters, so buying a product under this label gives the consumer confidence. Interested individuals can look for it at various online sources, some of which are entirely familiar. Whether a person wants to try the tea powder to help with weight loss goals or to boost concentration and mental clarity, he or she will know that the product is superior to others that may be cheaper, that contain unnatural additives, or that come from questionable sources.

Matcha is distinctive from other green teas. One important characteristic is that the tea has been ground into fine powder instead of chopped into tiny leaf bits. To look at this in the eyes of physics, that increases the surface area of the substance and makes more of it available. It’s a bit similar to the difference in flavor strength between a finely ground coffee and a more coarse one. In addition, matcha green tea is consumed in its entirety instead of having the leaf bits left behind in the cup or strainer.

Another property of this tea that people appreciate is they don’t have to consume it in large amounts to get the effects. Unlike substances such as protein powder that bodybuilders use for muscle building, a relatively small amount of matcha tea will do. They can even include the tea powder in their protein smoothies. People who aren’t interested in bodybuilding can whip up fruit smoothies in a blender and add the tea powder instead.