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Why You Will Love French Restaurants There is no question that French are known to be aesthetes and gourmet. This is why you cannot just go even to the bakers who are in trunk and slippers or chew your morning roll in a subway. If you will be in Paris, you must always wear smart dress. Aside from that, it would also be useful when you learn the various words in French so that you can talk to the owner of the boulangerie. They would be glad if you would even try to talk in French. There are ways you can do so that it would be easy for you to live in Paris. The French restaurants will capture your heart. When you are in the Restaurant, you cannot just order bottled water. You must order in French and that would be “carafe d’eau.” Apart from that, you need to be certain in your preferences like if you want plat or sparkling.
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If you will choose wine in a decanter, it is high quality and it is cheaper compared to bottled wine. If you are not sure of what kind of wine to select, you may have the Cote du Rhone because this is a kind of red wine.
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Tip is good. Although it is not necessary to give tips to the waiter, it is still best in exchange of his service. It is ideal to give at least 5% of the total expense. When it comes to their meat dishes, they have meat with blood which is raw and it is not cooked. However, many French love this. The Saignante is considered the meat that has blood. Some of them love the middle-roasted beef. The bien cuit is considered as well-fried meat. The waiters are not rude or ill-bred just because they do not greet you and they are always in a hurry to finish their service to you. This is because the waters are just few and they are always busy. It is a ritual to eat. This is why you must enjoy and relax and do not be in a hurry. When you finish your dinner, you have the l’addition. However, you just have to ask it if you are leaving the restaurant. It is impolite for them to hand it to you and you are not yet leaving. If you enter the restaurant, you should greet the owner. You should also do the same when you leave the restaurant. If you request for coffee, expect that it is in a small cup except during morning when the French is having their breakfast. You can ask for cafe creme if you want coffee with milk. If you will say cafe au lait they will be surprised because this is served in a big cup and it is usually drink at home. you may also ask for cafe noisette which is espresso in French.