Just Caesar From Hampton Creek: A New Twist on a Traditional Salad Dressing

When something tastes delicious and is priced reasonably, consumers are likely to choose the product even if it’s a bit different than what they are used to. Food producer Hampton Creek has a goal to build a loyal group of customers who choose the company’s plant-based items over the traditional products with animal-based components. Those customers will include many people who aren’t much concerned with problems involved with big agriculture. They just want the foods they like at an affordable cost. That could include a product like Hampton Creek’s Just Caesar salad dressing.

Caesar salad dressing traditionally contains anchovies and egg yolk, but Just Caesar does not. Some commercial brands contain Romano or Parmesan cheese, or both, but Just Caesar does not. Nevertheless, Hampton Creek’s research team has put forth significant effort to create a tasty dressing that Caesar salad aficionados will love.

To do this and hold fast to the company’s goal of crafting healthy food products, the team needed to avoid artificial flavor enhancers and genetically modified organisms. Much of the nation’s soy crop, for example, is from GMO plants. Hampton Creek has been using GMO-free canola oil in its products instead of soybean oil.

Some commercial brands include ingredients that are entirely bewildering to consumers, such as disodium guanylate and disodium inosinate. When food producers include those ingredients, it’s a signal that monosodium glutamate (MSG) also is included, even if it is not specifically listed on the label. It may be listed as glutamic acid, since MSG is a crystalline salt of this substance. MSG occurs naturally in yeast extract, and that ingredient may be listed on the label. Many people prefer to avoid eating MSG, as well as the other artificial flavor enhancers.

With Just Caesar, consumers have a delightful dressing for Caesar salads featuring Romaine lettuce. In addition, the dressing works well for a tangy and creamy cole slaw. They also have a base to which they can add additional ingredients. They might want to blend avocado with the creamy dressing, for example, creating a new twist on guacamole. Adding a bit of Hampton Creek’s Just Mayo thickens the recipe when that is desirable.