Learn About the Healthy Alternative For Mayo From Hampton Creek

Mayonnaise is used for more than just sandwiches and yet it’s not known as a healthy food. In fact, too much mayo isn’t good at all for a person’s healthy and should be replaced with a healthier alternative. Yet, it can be difficult for a person to find a healthy alternative they truly like because of the unique taste. A person is going to want to look into what makes the food unhealthy and what their alternatives are if they’d like to start eating healthier.

What Makes May So Bad to Eat

The main issue with may is the amount of saturated fat it contains. Saturated fat is what can clog arteries and cause other heart-related issues. It’s also extremely high in calories, with around 90 calories in a single tablespoon. Mayo is also high in both cholesterol and sodium. With the amount of all of these in a single tablespoon of mayo, that one tablespoon on a sandwich can be a good portion of a person’s daily recommended intake for each of these.

What Alternatives are Available?

There is quite a few alternatives available right now for a person to try. Many people are starting to create their own mayo at home so they have control over the ingredients. While this can be a great way to get a healthier mayo, it’s also time-consuming and won’t fit in everyone’s lifestyle. There’s also low-fat versions of mayo, but these still include some of the unhealthy ingredients, just not as much fat. Other alternatives include plant-based alternatives that cut out the majority of the ingredients that make mayo unhealthy to consume. These are usually vegan or vegetarian versions of mayo and can likely be found in the same place as mayo in the grocery store so they’re easy to purchase.

If you’re worried about eating mayo, but you do enjoy the taste on sandwiches or in other foods, check out the alternative available from Hampton creek now. It’s got the same great taste as may, but it’s gluten, soy, and egg free so a person doesn’t have to feel guilty about enjoying it. Check out their other products available too so you can find out about other healthy alternatives to some of your favorite foods.