Leasing Agreements, Get the Low Down!

For many tenants the end of an agreement is no big deal however it is not always the case. Unfortunately some unlucky tenants find themselves in need of an illinois tenants lawyer. Many feel they can solve their problems without needing legal help, it is not always the case.

Many tenants are not familiar with the law in regard to tenants and get bullied or lose their deposits. The law is written to protect tenants for example chicago tenant rights are stated clearly. In Illinois it is not a legal requirement in many area’s to have a written rental agreement, a verbal agreement is considered legal and binding. Most renters with a verbal agreement tend to rent on a monthly basis, however a verbal agreement can cause some obvious issues. Most renters and landlords will insist on a written agreement, clearly stating the expectations of both tenant and landlord, however expectations can be viewed in different lights. This is where you may need the help of a security deposit lawyer.

Some of the big area’s of contention are the date of moving and date of return of keys and who is responsible for the lease. Many landlords will state if the keys are not returned on the day of moving then the tenant owes another month of rent, or if you have a room-mate on your lease agreement and they skip out on you and leave you holding the lease. Here is where legal helpis going to be a big bonus as , in Chicago the Residential Landlord Tenant Ordinance is written to protect the tenant and landlord, and negotiating around the legal implications of it can be best done by a security deposit lawyer.

It may seem unnecessary to use a lawyer to fight a landlord over lease agreement issues , but if there are major bones of contention , can you really afford not to ? Especially if you are going to need letters of referral from your current landlord ?

Do your research when you are looking to hire a security deposit lawyer,try to find one that has many cases like yours on their books and that have had favorable outcomes, again do your research .