Liven Up Your Party With Ice Ball Molds

When you picture ice cubes, the boring standard cubes come to mind. Not very exciting, but will do for cooling down liquids. Now imagine an ice sphere from INFERNAL – a round piece of ice floating in your favorite beverage. Spheres have less surface space and therefore melt more slowly so as not to water down your drink. With practicality from the slower melting plus the excitement of a new shape in your glass, ice spheres liven up any drink. Especially good for alcoholic beverages since you do not want to water down your good scotch or whiskey, ice spheres add a level of sophistication to any get together.

Made of quality materials consisting of a durable plastic base and Infernal Orange silicone top, specially designed with grooves to catch excess water and prevent leaks, ice ball molds last a lifetime. Ice ball molds are BPA free and dishwasher safe for quick and easy care.

Plus, round ice spheres are just plain fun. You can get a mold for a two and a half inch ice ball that can be used in pitchers of your favorite beverages such as iced tea, fruit juice or sangria. Smaller molds allow for smaller spheres in your mixed drinks. Ice spheres have a smaller surface area and therefore melt slower than standard ice cubes. This prevents your drinks from being watered down by regular ice cubes. It also shows an added layer of thoughtfulness for your guests. It livens up the drinks while melting slower.

Ice ball molds stack neatly in your freezer, making spills nonexistent. They have a clear fill line to prevent overfilling the mold. The INFERNAL flame logo freezes into every sphere to certify authenticity. Each ice sphere is the same as five plus regular ice cubes making trips to the freezer during your party infrequent, allowing you to enjoy your guests. Your guests will enjoy the novelty of having round ice spheres in their drinks, and it will add a layer of festivity to your party. Plain square ice cubes are a thing of the past. The new ice spheres will liven up any get together.