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Busting Three Common Myths About Cannabidiol

Thanks to medical use of cannabis, CBD has been gaining the attention it ought to have. Cultivators have been breeding cannabis for decades to obtain more THC, the compound behind its psychoactive effects. The greater the better, they used to claim.

That is not exactly true nowadays. Though THC has plenty of its own important medicinal benefits, CBD could be the cannabinoid holding the key to legalization. We’ve recently seen a surge of strains that are grown for its CBD content exclusively, including the famous Charlotte’s Web which is particularly notable for its anti-epilepsy and anti-seizure benefits. CBD oil is becoming more popular as well, along with many other CBD products.

Awareness of the benefits of CBD is helpful, considering there are still anti-cannabis advocates who relentlessly spread lies about this valuable cannabinoid. Here are the most common CBD myths that should be busted:
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Some naysayers claim CBD is the same no matter its source. Whether you are taking CBD oil from help or smoking cannabis, the body can’t distinguish the difference. Truth is, it definitely matters – if you got it from hemp, even if it’s organically grown, it’s not going to be the best source of powerful CBD compounds.

Hemp has way less CBD compared to the cannabis plant. In fact you need a huge amount of industrial hemp just to get a tiny amount of CBD, putting you at risk of exposing your body to toxic substances from nature, such as heavy metals absorbed from soil. CBD derived from single-molecule samples made in a laboratory or extracted from industrial hemp, doesn’t possess the same secondary cannabinoids and precious terpenes which are naturally found in the cannabis plant.


Anti-cannabis groups keep vilifying THC while praising CBD, further adding to the stigma that the former is a bad cannabinoid because it makes you high. Meanwhile, they say only CBD should be used because it won’t give you a buzz. These two cannabinoids have their own distinct medicinal properties and various illnesses they can help treat or at least manage. Studies have indicated that both CBD and THC work as a team and actually fortifies each other’s therapeutic properties.


CBD hemp oil is completely safe for patients of any age. More research is needed, but current research already proves that CBD hemp oil can be safely used in children. CBD oil and CBD-infused hemp oil have already been used for a range of pediatric conditions, including epilepsy and seizures, with no significant side effects. CBD is also safe for patients of any age they are since it has no psychoactive properties.